Seratones perform at The Current's 15th Anniversary Party

Watch Seratones' soulful set at First Avenue

Shreveport, La., garage-gospel soul outfit Seratones performed at The Current's 15th anniversary party at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Watch video of their full set, captured live on the night of the performance.

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The Top Songs of 2019

Top Songs of 2019

As The Current celebrates 15 years in 15 days, we turn our attention on Friday, January 24 to the best songs of 2019, voted by our listeners.

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#Current15: Live Current, Volume 15 (2019)

Live Current Volume 15 cover art

Each fall, The Current collects some of the best live and in-studio performances of past year into one great album -- Live Current. This year, we're proud to release the fifteenth volume in the series.

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Top 89

Prince: The Story of 1999

The Current Sessions®

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Download The Current app

The Current app

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The Current Morning Show Features

Coffee Break: 2018

Jason Isbell performs in the Forum at MPR

It's the 2018 edition of "The Current's 15 Years in 15 Days." For today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs from 2018 do you want to hear?

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