Playlist: Annie Humphrey and the friends she has made along the way

Annie Humphrey is an Anishinaabe artist, activist, grandmother, Marine Corps veteran, and overall force of nature. Her most recent album, Eat What You Kill, was produced by Jeremy Ylvisaker and recorded at Rich Mattson’s Sparta Sound studio. Some of her favorite music is part of The Current’s Indigenous Peoples Day Playlist. These songs are in…

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Playlist: Winona LaDuke won’t back down

Winona LaDuke is an author, activist, and past Green Party vice presidential candidate who lives in northwestern Minnesota. She built this playlist using songs by incredible singers (Sissy Goodhouse, Buffy Sainte-Marie); changemakers (Bob Marley, Jackson Browne); and Honor the Earth collaborators (Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt). Some of her picks are part of The Current’s Indigenous…

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Playlist: Photographer Jaida Grey Eagle’s life history in songs

Jaida Grey Eagle (Oglala Lakota) is a St. Paul-based photojournalist, writer, producer, beadwork artist, and lifelong music fan. Some of her favorite music is part of The Current’s Indigenous Peoples Day Playlist. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, The Intercept, Minnesota Public Radio, and Sahan Journal. She is co-curating an upcoming…

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Meet Conrad Oddoye, the bassist everyone wants in their band

In a biweekly series of features, we’re inviting Minnesota artists to introduce themselves to our audience. Today: multi-instrumentalist Conrad Oddoye, who’s performed as a bassist with Minneapolis artists including Miloe, Papa MBye, and Honeybutter. My family moved to Canada from England when I was seven years old and my parents put my brother and me…

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The Chart Show: Wet Leg Makes a Jump

Quirky U.K. duo Wet Leg have jumped through the Current Chart to the No. 1 spot this week with their cheeky song "Chaise Longue." At No. 2 it's Minnesota's Bad Bad Hats who made it to ten weeks, landing them in the Chart Show Hall of Fame.

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The Current Sessions®

Michigander perform a seven-song #MicroShow set at Icehouse

Michigander - MicroShow

"It's good to be playing music again," said Jason Singer of Detroit's Michigander, who took the stage at Icehouse in Minneapolis with a seven-song #MicroShow set from across their discography, including tracks from their latest release, 'Everything Will Be OK Eventually'.

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Ya Tseen discuss collaborating in a spaceship, and not getting precious about it

Ya Tseen, the newest project from the multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist Nicholas Galanin, joins The Current to play songs from their debut record Indian Yard. Galanin and his longtime collaborator OCnotes discuss the making of the record, their spaceship recording studio in Sitka, Alaska, and the importance of not getting precious about your work in collaborations.

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Prince: The Story of 1999

The Current Morning Show Features

Coffee Break: Greatest Songs of All Time

For the first time in 17 years, Rolling Stone has updated their rankings of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. For today's 9:30 Coffee Break, tell us what you think of their rankings! Who you think should've made the top 20?

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