Steve Seel, Amber Damm, and Nathan Eklund

Policy and a Pint - The Elements of Education

At our recent Policy and a Pint event, we hosted a conversation on what makes a good teacher, what role parents play in the education process, and what the career path is for people considering going into teaching in these changing economic times.

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Flaming Lips - Embryonic

Album Review: The Flaming Lips - Embryonic

When I expected them to sell out, they made "Embryonic," possibly the most challenging work they've delivered their current fan base at any given time in the band's career. I should have known better. With the Lips, it's best to expect nothing beyond something unexpected.

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Theft of the Dial: Moby

Moby was an amazing guest DJ. He's not only a musician, but a passionate music fan. It's my hope that he steals our radiowaves again in the near future.

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Moby performs live in The Current studios

Beginning his career in music in the early '80s in a punk band, Moby eventually moved into electronic music in the early '90s and achieved wide-spread success in 1999 with the release of "Play," an album that eventually sold over ten million albums and won many awards.

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Brian Eno

A Conversation with Brian Eno

Brian Eno's career as producer, musician, sonic innovator and experimental artist spans four decades. He spoke with The Current's Steve Seel.

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The Current Sessions®

Mt. Joy perform in The Current studio

Mt. Joy live at PledgeHouse for SXSW

After making a huge splash on Spotify, Los Angeles band Mt. Joy seamlessly made the leap from studio band to touring outfit. 'I think we just got really lucky to have a good group of people,' says Mt. Joy co-founder Matt Quinn. Mt. Joy recently visited The Current for a session hosted by Sean McPherson.

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Lake Street Dive perform in The Current studio

Lake Street Dive in The Current studio

To be clear, Lake Street Dive didn't 'self produce' their latest album, 'Free Yourself Up.' 'We produced each other,' says drummer Mike Calabrese. 'And there really is no better producer for us as individuals than the other members of the band.' Lake Street Dive recently visited The Current to play songs from the new record, including the hit single, 'Good Kisser.'

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John Maus performs in The Current's studio

John Maus performs in The Current's studio

He grew up in Austin, Minnesota, and he's been back for about seven years. Recently, synthesizer icon John Maus stopped by The Current to perform "Episode," "Touchdown," "Pure Rockets," and "Quantum Leap."

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Naked Giants perform in The Current studio

Jade in the studio with Naked Giants

Seattle's Naked Giants are new enough to the music scene, they're still working out their reason for being. Drummer Henry LaVallee distills it to one accessible idea: "It's all about eliciting emotion," he says. Listen to Naked Giants perform a set of rocking tunes from their debut album 'SLUFF,' in an in-studio session hosted by Jade.

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Oake and Riley Features

Coffee Break: Summer heat


Today is National Heat Awareness Day - and how appropriate since the Twin Cities is going to get swampy and thick this weekend with temps up in the mid 90s. So for today's Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that mention hot, heat, sweat and sun?

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