Cloud Cult live at SXSW

Cloud Cult performs live from SXSW

Armed with a multitude of instruments, laptops, video, paint and canvases, the environmentally-friendly local band Cloud Cult are making their second trip to SXSW this year.

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Jim Noir performs at SXSW

Jim Noir performs live from SXSW

Were you one of many people with the "Eanie Meany" earworm? With a repetitious chorus of "eeeeennnneeeee meeeeaaannniieee," maybe you were watching the 2006 World Cup where encountering Jim Noir's catchy soccer anthem "Eanie Meany" was next to impossible.

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DeVotchka singer Nick Urata

DeVotchKa performs live from SXSW

Singer Nick Urata founded DeVotchKa nine years ago with the idea of mixing together the music of east and west. He did not found it with the hopes of selling music to McDonald's. The band turned down a request to use one of their songs in the fast-food giant's commercials.

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Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters perform live from SXSW

Glasgow's Sons and Daughters recorded This Gift in a house in the village of Adfern on the west coast of Scotland. The band's Adele Bethel said, "We wrote and practiced all day and played poker and got drunk at night." Sons and Daughters cancelled a late March Minneapolis performance, so your best chance to hear them live is right here.

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Jesca Hoop live at SXSW

Jesca Hoop performs live from SXSW

It is likely that every story you ever read about Jesca Hoop will mention this -- she got her big break while she worked as a nanny for Tom Waits' kids. He passed her demo on to some influential people in the business. While it might be hard for Hoop to escape that biographical bullet point, her music certainly stands on its own. Her SXSW appearance is her second on The Current.

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The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes perform live from SXSW

With The Raveonettes' fourth CD Lust Lust Lust landing on the Billboard Top 200 chart, the band has secured their position as Denmark's most popular musical export ever. Sune Rose Wagner began writing the album at a rehearsal space in London, where he churned out seven songs in the first day. The result is 14 songs that his cohort Sahrin Foo describes as "direct and in your face."

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David Hanners

Hanners and King perform in The Current studio

David Hanners and Bernie King are among several Twin Cities musicians are gathering on the anniversary of Townes Van Zandt's birthday, March 6,2008 at Lee's Liquor Lounge to pay tribute to the late songwriter.

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Singer/Songwriter Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins performs in The Current studios

28-year-old musician Nicole Atkins was born and raised in Neptune City, located a stones throw from fabled Asbury Park. By the age of 13, she found an old beat up guitar in the attic of her house and taught herself to play a Grateful Dead song.

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The Current: Music News

Music News: Eurovision lands in Tel Aviv, amid protests

Protesters calling for the boycott of Eurovision.

The annual Eurovision music contest is taking place in Tel Aviv, amid protests. Also in the news this week: Vampire Weekend hit number one, Soundgarden announce immersive film events, and punk pioneer Susan Beschta dies at 67. Plus, an interview with the Rock Bottom Remainders and a new book chronicles the history of Run-DMC's "Walk This Way" cover. Also, new releases from The National; Alex Lahey; Tyler, the Creator; and Carly Rae Jepsen. Plus, Mick's got his moves-like-Jagger back.

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The Current Sessions®

Local Natives perform in The Current studio

Local Natives perform in The Current studio

Los Angeles five-piece Local Natives' latest album, 'Violet Street,' was recorded with the band members playing together in the same room. 'We wanted the core of this album to be the five of us playing off each other,' says guitarist Taylor Rice. 'That was really integral to the album.' You can hear that collaborative sound in Local Natives' in-studio session here at The Current.

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The Japanese House performs in The Current studio

The Japanese House perform in The Current studio

As the Japanese House, Amber Bain has been crafting ethereal-sounding songs that unabashedly plumb the depths of human emotion. Her new album, 'Good At Falling,' released on March 1 of this year, was recorded at Justin Vernon's April Base studios in Wisconsin. Bain recently stopped at The Current for a session hosted by Jade.

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Oake and Riley Features

Coffee Break: Strings attached

Chastity Brown at Rock the Garden 2018.

Chastity Brown is dropping by the studio this morning to announce her debut with the Minnesota Orchestra on June 8. So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear with a string section or elements of a symphony orchestra?

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Today in Music History: Jewel is 45

The Grateful Dead performed their first concert outside of North America, Smashing Pumpkins called it quits, Noel Gallagher walked out on Oasis, and The Beatles invented the music video, Today in Music History.

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