Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact

Album Review: Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact

As they effortlessly fold ideas from the rock, hip-hop, global traditional musics and electronic dance music into their sound, Gang Gang Dance forge a new type of "world music" where all of the world's music is potentially collapsible into a new hallucinatory Western pop.

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Sloan performs live in The Current studio

Unusual for most artists, each member of the band Sloan, which has maintained the same lineup for decades, contributes equally to songwriting. And at their live shows, each member switches instruments accordingly. They got their name from a friend, who was nicknamed "the Slow One" by his boss, but in the man's French accent, it sounded more like "Sloan."

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James Allan

Glasvegas performs live in The Current studio

The famously Scottish four-piece Glasvegas (you don't have to listen hard to hear those Glasgow accents) has been called the next step in UK rock evolution after the Libertines and the Arctic Monkeys. Short-listed for the 2009 Mercury Prize, Glasvegas frontmen and cousins James and Rab Allan hope their lush, emphatic arena rock and emotionally dramatic songwriting inspire fans at their live shows to "lose their inhibitions, get a little bit inebriated, have some romance with a stranger."

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Album Review: My Morning Jacket - Circuital

"Circuital" takes elements of the "classic" My Morning Jacket sound that was honed on 2003's "It Still Moves" and morphs it into something new, as James sounds wiser for his musical and life travels.

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Night Moves

Night Moves perform in The Current studio

Minneapolis band Night Moves' catchy combination of MGMT-like vocals, country strains, and electronic production have made them an up-and-coming local favorite. Featuring members of Mouthful of Bees, Food Pyramid, and Battle Royal, Night Moves have been named a "newish" band to keep an eye on by a few local publications.

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Plan B

Plan B performs live in The Current studio

British rapper turned crooner is crossing seas with success. Ben Drew also known as Plan B emerged onto the London scene back in 2006 with his debut album "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words" that offered raps and rhymes that were comparable to his mate Mike Skinner of The Streets. Greatly influenced by his love for Motown and an avid appreciation for rap, it is no surprise his U.K released 2010 concept album "The Defamation of Strickland Banks" went straight to number one on the U.K. album charts.

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The Current Sessions®

Jay Som performs songs from 'Anak Ko' at The Current

Jay Som performs in The Current studio

The title of Jay Som's fourth album comes from the Tagalog language, and it means 'my child.' Jay Som - aka Melina Duterte - and her band visited The Current studio after playing a show at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis.

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The Current Rewind

The Current Rewind: The Peters Brothers' anti-rock crusade

The Current Rewind

A family of pastors hell-bent on saving souls. A pro-sticker Washington wife. A B-horror blood-gusher with a heart of gold. Plus...Prince's photographer? This episode's cast of characters is just a peek at the wild ride of the Peters Brothers, the evangelical trio who hosted record burnings and condemned rock music throughout the 1980s. But for all the Peters' popcorn-worthy stunts, you could say darkness was at play.

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KISS was one of the bands targeted by the Peters Brothers.

Playlist: The rock that fueled the Peters Brothers

In the '80s, controversial St. Paul ministers the Peters Brothers traveled around America preaching about the dangers of rock music. From shock-rock to suggestive pop, this playlist compiles some of the songs that fueled the Peters Brothers' protests against rock & roll.

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The Current Morning Show Features

9:30 Zombie Break

Zombie silhouette

Movie Mister Euan Kerr joined us today to talk about 'Zombieland: Double Tap', the sequel to the 2009 film 'Zombieland'. So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that mention zombies and zombie things?

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