The Griffelkin cast

Weekend Arts Roundup: Jan. 9, 2014

Marianne Combs joins Steve Seel and Jill Riley to talk about two arts openings this Friday: visual artist Anne Labovitz's 'Layers' exhibition, and 'Griffelkin', an opera staged by Minnesota Opera's Project Opera youth-training program.

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Jeremy Messersmith

The Chart Show: Messersmith leads the pack

After taking two weeks off to summarize last year we have a massive turn over this week with nine new entries. Jeremy Messersmith remains at the top however, starting off a big year for him!

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K.Raydio and Psymun use musical alchemy to meld LucidDreamingSkylines

A lot of musical collaborations happen because of the sales potential the match-up suggests, or perhaps just for collaboration’s sake, but sometimes such a thing occurs because the pieces fit perfectly—they compliment each other in a way that enhances the listening experience. I’d confidently say the latter is the case with K.Raydio and Psymun. The…

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Buffalo Moon, Sean Anonymous, and other Minnesota album releases this week

Kristoff Krane, I Freestyle Life Over the course of his nearly decade-long career, MC Kristoff Krane has made a lot of fans—and a lot of friends, many of whom he’s collaborated with on record. Eyedea, Slug, Joe Horton, and Sage Francis are just a few of the artists heard on I Freestyle Life, a retrospective collection…

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Video: Going record-shopping with Dawes

When Dawes came to town to perform on Dec. 30 and New Year's Eve, The Current did a VIP giveaway on-air, including a chance to go record shopping with Dawes at the Electric Fetus. We documented the fun.

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Top 89

Prince: The Story of 1999

The Current Sessions®

Overcoats leap into The Current studio with new music

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell of Overcoats, portrait at The Current

The New York band anchored by duo Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell visited The Current for a session featured on New Hot. Elion and Mitchell spoke to host Jade about their evolution as artists and about what they're looking forward to next.

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Apps and Listening Tools

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The Current Morning Show Features

Coffee Break: Surprise album drops

Beyonce performs at Coachella, April 2018.

Today in 2013, Beyonce's self-titled album was released with no advance notice, sending radio stations scrambling to get the songs on the air and generating lots of free publicity. So for today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear that were from surprise album drops?

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