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Review: Lana Del Rey brings wintertime gladness to Target Center

The second Lana Del Rey stepped on stage at Target Center last night, there were deafening screams from the crowd. Anytime she wasn’t singing during her opening song, “13 Beaches,” there were deafening screams. That’s the kind of fan base the post-modern chanteuse has built for herself. It was Del Rey’s first-ever show in Minnesota,…

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Lutsen Mountains

Oake & Riley Live from Lutsen

Listen to The Current on Saturday, Jan. 6, from 2 to 6 p.m. for Oake and Riley in the Afternoon, broadcasting live from Papa Charlie's as part of the GNDWIRE Records Ski Party at Lutsen Mountains.

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Photos: Andrew Broder & People raise money, put on a show at the Turf Club

Welcome to the residency bonanza of January 2018! We made it to the New Year, and with its first month comes a slew of residencies: weekly shows helmed by locals Metasota, jeremy messersmith, Charlie Parr, the Cactus Blossoms, and Andrew Broder. We’ll be posting photos and a brief recap of several of the series’ first nights. The…

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Friday Five: Scrunchies, Superior Siren, and more new Minnesota music videos

Scrunchies, “Wichita” Laura Larson, Stephanie Jo Murck, Bree Meyer, and Danielle Cusack are Scrunchies, a new band who played their first show last night at the 7th St Entry. They’ve stormed out of the gate, releasing a music video directed by Gordon Byrd and preparing to release their already-recorded first album, Stunner. Superior Siren, “Tomorrow” Superior…

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Super Bowl

The Current Sessions®

Preservation Hall Jazz band perform a spirited #MicroShow at the Dakota Jazz Club

Preservation Hall Jazz Band MicroShow at the Dakota

Performing a MicroShow in Minneapolis carried with it a bit of history for the legendary New Orleans jazz outfit. 'The first time that the Preservation Hall Jazz Band ever played a show outside of New Orleans was here in Minneapolis in 1963,' bandleader and bassist Ben Jaffe told the audience before the group launched into a grooving, journeying three-number set.

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The Dream Syndicate perform in The Current studio

The Dream Syndicate perform in The Current studio

After a 24-year hiatus, the Dream Syndicate reunited in 2012 and realized they sounded like a new band. 'We were enjoying it and we figured, well, rather than keep playing the oldies circuit, let's make a new record,' says front man Steve Wynn. The resulting record is 'How Did I Find Myself Here?', and the Dream Syndicate recently found themselves in The Current studio for a session hosted by Jim McGuinn.

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The Rural Alberta Advantage wrap up their U.S. tour on Oake & Riley in the Morning

The Rural Alberta Advantage perform in The Current studio

The Rural Alberta Advantage wrapped up a massive tour with a show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, followed by a visit to Oake and Riley in the Morning before jetting back to Toronto. 'We always enjoy coming back to Minneapolis,' says front man Nils Edenloff. 'It was really good. It was probably the best way to kind of end our U.S. tour.' Hear more from the band as they look back on their tour and play songs from their latest album, 'The Wild.'

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Oake and Riley Features

Coffee Break: 5-dollar words

Samuel Longhorne Clemens

Mark Twain once said "Don't use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do." But when we played Car Seat Headrest's "Nervous Young Inhumans" this morning, Sean showed us a Pitchfork article about how an original version of the song used the word "galvanistic" but then Will Toledo took it out in later drafts. So for today's Coffee Break, what songs with 'five-dollar words' do you want to hear?

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