Coffee Break

At The Current, it's no secret that we love our listeners. And we especially love when listeners write in with suggestions for the Coffee Break

9:30 Coffee Break: Ups and Downs

Elevator up and down button

For today's 9:30 Coffee Break we're looking for songs that feature the word up or down (bonus points if the song mentions both words).

9:30 Coffee Break: Road Trip

Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley

Let's play some songs for road triping for today's 9:30 Coffee Break. Suggest songs about travel, driving, and road trips and we'll pick out a couple to play to get us in gear for the holiday.

9:30 Coffee Break: Canada Day

Canada Day parade

We're giving a tip of the hat to our friends up north with today's Coffee Break. What Canadian artists/bands do you want to hear to celebrate Canada Day?

9:30 Coffee Break: River Songs


Thanks to Morning Show listener Mark for suggesting today's topic. Today's 9:30 Coffee Break theme is river songs. What do you think we should play?