Coffee Break

At The Current, it's no secret that we love our listeners. And we especially love when listeners write in with suggestions for the Coffee Break

9:30 Coffee Break: Songs for Lance

Lance Armstrong Oprah

Since it's on many people's minds already let's dedicate today's 9:30 Coffee Break to Lance Armstrong. Feel free to get creative in your dedications for Lance.

9:30 Coffee Break: Banana


How about a banana themed 9:30 Coffee Break this morning? Give us your suggestions songs featuring bananas and we'll pick out a couple to play for today's Coffee Break.

9:30 Coffee Break: Coins

Federal Reserve Image

After our chat with MPR's Senior Economics Contributor about the trillion dollar coin, we had to do a coin related Coffee Break. Give us your suggestions.

9:30 Coffee Break: 400 Bar Memories

400 bar street view

What are you favorite (or least favorite) musical memories from the 400 Bar? We'll pick out songs/artists from your memories to play for today's 9:30 Coffee Break.

9:30 Coffee Break: Mars

People walking in Mars

While you wait for your application to be the first reality star of Mars, help us out with today's 9:30 Coffee Break. What songs about Mars or Martians do you want to hear?

9:30 Coffee Break: It's Electric

wires electricity

We want to hear your suggestions for songs that mention electricity to help celebrate National Static Electricity Day.