Coffee Break

At The Current, it's no secret that we love our listeners. And we especially love when listeners write in with suggestions for the Coffee Break

9:30 Coffee Break: Plagiarized Songs

For today's Coffee Break, let's put together a list of artists that have been accused of plagiarism. Who should we play this morning?

9:30 Coffee Break: Singing Drummers

Let's put together a list of drummers who also sing for today's 9:30 Coffee Break. What singing drummers do you want to hear today?

9:30 Coffee Break: Five

In honor of our five years as a Morning Show we're looking for your suggestions for song with five or 5 in the title. What should we play for the 9:30 Coffee Break?

9:30 Coffee Break: Trash

How about a Coffee Break with songs about trash or being trashy in the title or main theme?