Coffee Break

At The Current, it's no secret that we love our listeners. And we especially love when listeners write in with suggestions for the Coffee Break

9:30 Coffee Break: Happy Earth Day

Earth from above

Let's all reflect on the Earth and put together a playlist of songs. What should we play for the Earth Day Coffee Break?

9:30 Coffee Break: Cars

Ford Mustang

Let's put together a playlist of songs about cars for today's 9:30 Coffee Break. What do you want to hear?

The Throbbing Hive with John Moe: 3D Printed Hand

3D hand

Today John Moe chatted with The Morning Show's Jill Riley and Steve Seel about two elderly women flying in a plane for the first time, and a guy who cut off his fingers printed a 3D robohand.

9:30 Coffee Break: Shadows

Lunar Eclipse

We may not be able to stay awake for the eclipse, so we'll create a Coffee Break eclipse and have a shadow pass over the entire playlist. What songs with the word "shadow" in the title, or featured prominently in the lyrics, should we play for the 9:30 Coffee Break?