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The National perform in the Current studio

The National

Described as darkly melodic, The National originated in Cincinnati, but came together in Brooklyn. They have recently released Boxer, their follow-up to their 2005 release Alligator.

Jamie T performs in the Current studio

Jamie T.

He's been nominated for the Mercury Prize but doesn't want music to be a competition. He makes mixed tapes and hands them out at shows. London, England's Jamie T is in town with his band The Pacemakers for a show at the 7th Street Entry.

Son Volt performs in the Current studio

Son Volt

Son Volt has a new album and it's called The Search. The album originally had twenty two tracks but was pared down to fourteen, however the band plans to release a limited edition of The Search album in the near future, containing all twenty two tracks.

The Cribs perform in the Current studio

Gary Jarman of the Cribs

The Cribs have a new album out entitled "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever." While the trio of brothers, the older of which are twins, didn't elaborate on those needs, they did talk with Mary Lucia about recording their latest release with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand at Bryan Adam's studios in Vancouver, Canada.

Ryan Adams in the Current studio

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams gets a bad rap. It's been years since the well publicized "Summer of '69" on-stage meltdown and the famous voice mail rant. He's been referred to as "difficult" by many.

Albert Hammond Jr. performs live in the Current studio

Albert Hammond, Jr.

Albert Hammond Jr. was born in Los Angeles California. As a member of the indie-rock band The Strokes, he plays lead and rhythm guitar. He released his solo record, "Yours To Keep" in the UK in 2006 and in North America in 2007.

The Clientele performs in the Current studio

The Clientele

If you combined the Zombies with Galaxie 500, you'd have The Clientele. In fact, there was some discussion of Galaxie 500's frontman Dean Wareham during their visit.