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Live Performances from The Current.

Eagles of Death Metal - in studio

Jesse Hughes of the band Eagles of Death Metal

Fans of The Eagles of Death Metal might hate this comparison, but it's going to be made anyway: they're a little like Andrew WK. They are about making rock n' roll, drinking, girls, partying, and fun.

Metric - in studio


The band Metric has been touring in support of their latest record "Live It Out", which was released last fall.

The Cops - live in studio

The Cops

Seattle rock band The Cops' new record "Get Good or Stay Bad" was recently released on Mt. Fuji Records.

Martha Wainwright - live in studio

Martha Wainwright

With the release of her self-titled debut album in 2005, Martha Wainwright moved out of the shadow of her musical family and into her own spotlight as a singer/songwriter.

The Metal Hearts

Anar Badalov of The Metal Hearts

The music of the Baltimore band Metal Hearts has been described as "quiet guitars and haunting harmonies layered over subtle, programmed drum beats, ala Mazzy Star on a booze bender."

Orkestar Bez Ime - live in studio

Orkestar Bez Ime

Orkestar Bez Ime is a collection of musicians who specialize in music of the Balkans and Eastern European cultures.