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Amy Shark visits The Current as her music career takes off

Amy Shark performs in The Current studio

'It's still blowing my mind that I'm from a long way away, and my little song's being played in Minnesota,' says Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark. 'It's amazing.' Amy Shark shared songs and stories when she visited The Current's studio for a session hosted by Jill Riley.

Dan Wilson performs songs from 'Re-Covered' in The Current studio

Dan Wilson performs in The Current studio

Having worked with artists as wide-ranging as Taylor Swift, Mike Doughty, LeAnn Rimes, John Legend, Adele, Josh Groban, Dixie Chicks, Chris Stapleton and others, Dan Wilson has released 'Re-Covered,' a collection of songs he's co-written as part of his many collaborations. 'I'm really enthusiastic about a lot of music,' Wilson says while visiting The Current for an in-studio session with Oake & Riley.

Mondo Cozmo revels in the power of music

Mondo Cozmo performs in The Current studio

To hear Mondo Cozmo's story is to hear a tale of career rebirth. Mondo Cozmo -- aka Joshua Ostrander -- pulled himself from the brink of musical extinction with the help of catchy tunes, an eager label, and his trusty dog.