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Dan Wilson performs songs from 'Re-Covered' in The Current studio

Dan Wilson performs in The Current studio

Having worked with artists as wide-ranging as Taylor Swift, Mike Doughty, LeAnn Rimes, John Legend, Adele, Josh Groban, Dixie Chicks, Chris Stapleton and others, Dan Wilson has released 'Re-Covered,' a collection of songs he's co-written as part of his many collaborations. 'I'm really enthusiastic about a lot of music,' Wilson says while visiting The Current for an in-studio session with Oake & Riley.

Mondo Cozmo revels in the power of music

Mondo Cozmo performs in The Current studio

To hear Mondo Cozmo's story is to hear a tale of career rebirth. Mondo Cozmo -- aka Joshua Ostrander -- pulled himself from the brink of musical extinction with the help of catchy tunes, an eager label, and his trusty dog.

Allan Kingdom performs in The Current studio

Allan Kingdom performs in Studio M.

Ahead of his hometown appearance at the Pizza Luce Block Party, rapper Allan Kingdom reflects on his journey from coming up in the St. Paul scene to collaborating with Kanye.

PaviElle performs in The Current Studio

PaviElle French plays keys.

In the midst of writing her next album, PaviElle visited The Current studio to perform one of her new songs and talk with hosts Andrea Swensson and Tom Weber.