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Gang of Youths spread hope and joy in The Current studio

Gang of Youths perform in The Current studio

'I think the whole point of our career was to bring a sense of hope and joy to the circumstances that are devoid of it,' says Gang of Youths frontman David Le'aupepe. 'I think every artist has their purpose, and I think in Gang of Youths, we've sort of found ours.' The Sydney-based band recently visited The Current, where they played their uplifting and empowering songs.

L.A. Salami performs in The Current studio

L.A. Salami performs in The Current studio

Is the artist L.A. Salami (whose full name is Lookman Adekunle Salami) a storyteller, a philosopher, a poet, or just a dude in a band? 'When arrogance possesses me, I would like to think of myself as one of those,' he says. 'It's whatever people make of it.' L.A. Salami visited The Current today to play three songs that showcase this music-making wordsmith.

Superorganism perform in The Current studio

Superorganism perform in The Current studio

Comprising band members from England, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, Superorganism are a musical collective now based in the East End of London. 'I was actually surprised that people find it surprising that we're an internet band,' says Superorganism lead vocalist Orono Noguchi. Superorganism recently visited The Current for a session hosted by Oake & Riley.

jeremy messersmith performs in The Current's studio

jeremy messersmith visits The Current

jeremy messersmith is hosting his Late Stage Capitalism release show at First Avenue on Friday, March 30. The week beforehand, he visited the Local Show to talk with Andrea Swensson and perform four songs from the album.