Hüsker Dü: Do You Remember?

Do You Remember podcast
This documentary podcast explores Hüsker Dü’s formative years and legacy through rare exclusive interviews with the band, as well as those who were around in the beginning and notable artists who’ve drawn inspiration from the band. We’ll also dive into recordings from Numero Group’s new remastered box set of the band’s early releases, demos and live recordings.

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See below for all Hüsker Dü, Grant Hart, Bob Mould and Greg Norton stories from The Current.

Listen: Bob Mould’s new single, “I Don’t Know You Anymore”

Yesterday, Bob Mould released his latest single, “I Don’t Know You Anymore,” off his upcoming album Beauty & Ruin. This was the second track to be released from the record, after the surprise drop of album track “Hey Mr. Grey.” The single is a raw and honest description of emotions after a messy breakup. Catchy […]

Musician Bob Mould

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Well into his fourth decade as a singer-songwriter, Mould is as relevant, ferocious, and poignant as he has ever been on the compact epic that is his latest album, Beauty & Ruin. The album deals with the passing of Mould’s father in October 2012, Bob’s struggle to come to terms with it, himself, and his…

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Where Grant Hart meets Bud Grant: The Rock N Jock Expo

Over a casual conversation, longtime friends Tommy Dehler and Shaun Hagglund came to the same conclusion: their businesses cater to fans. Dehler runs the Rock N’ Roll Music Sale about three times a year. Hagglund owns Fan HQ, a sports apparel and collectibles store in Ridgedale Mall. Dehler and Hagglund decided to merge their operations […]

Bob Mould marks 25 years as a solo artist

"Workbook" was the first solo album released by Bob Mould. When it came out in 1989, fans of Mould's punk rock band Husker Du were surprised by his new softer sound. To mark the 25th anniversary, "Workbook" is being re-released with additional tracks and a second disc featuring a concert recorded in Chicago in 1989. Mould will be performing songs off the album tonight at the Women's Club in Minneapolis.

Grant Hart documentary Every Everything lives up to its title

The conclusions I came to after watching Jan Radder and Gorman Bechard’s new documentary Every Everything: The Music, Life & Times of Grant Hart may seem contradictory at first, but hear me out: I believe that Fans of Grant Hart and Hüsker Dü should absolutely see this film. At the same time, I also believe that fans […]

Grant Hart on the Replacements reunion and why Hüsker Dü won’t get back together

With his ambitious new double album, The Argument, out today, Grant Hart has been conducting interviews with everyone from NPR Music to Spin to our very own Local Show, where the former Hüsker Dü drummer performed three songs and chatted with host David Campbell. Many of the interviews have centered around Hart’s new album and […]

Grant Hart performs in The Current studios

Grant Hart

Grant Hart may be most well-known for his time spent in Husker Du as the band's drummer, but his solo career has been keeping time for far longer than the lifespan of Husker Du. Hart stopped by our studios to play new songs from his ambitious double album 'The Argument.'

Husker Du's Timekeeper Finds A Lost Paradise

Grant Hart

Grant Hart has had an enigmatic career since his days drumming for the influential punk trio. His latest project is an ambitious double album, based on an unpublished work by his friend, the late William S. Burroughs.

Watch Bob Mould Band perform 'The Descent' at Rock the Garden 2013

Bob Mould Band

Legendary rocker Bob Mould and his band perform "The Descent" off his tenth solo album Silver Age. Mould's high-energy, 14-song set at Rock the Garden 2013 included songs from solo albums, his renowned punk band from the 80s Hüsker Dü and Sugar, his band from the 90s.