Hüsker Dü: Do You Remember?

Do You Remember podcast
Do You Remember? is a five-part documentary podcast exploring Hüsker Dü’s formative years and legacy through rare exclusive interviews with the band, as well as those who were around in the beginning. We also dive into recordings from Numero Group's new remastered box set of the band’s early releases, demos and live recordings.

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Behind First Avenue’s Stars: Hüsker Dü

Husker du promo photo 120x120

2015 marks First Avenue’s 45th year of hosting stellar shows in the heart of Minneapolis. We are on a mission to tell the stories of performers whose names decorate the venue’s iconic Wall of Fame. Past features include Babes in Toyland, Har Mar Superstar, and OutKast. In the spirit of milestones, next up are Minnesota natives…

Episode #54: Jen Kirkman with Bob Mould

On this week’s show, comedian, author and actor Jen Kirkman tells us what it’s like to make an episode of Drunk History, punk rock godfather Bob Mould performs tracks from his latest album, and we hear why dead author Franz Kafka is so upset with Pharrell Williams about the song, “Happy.”

Watch Ryan Adams join Bob Mould onstage in New York

“This is our first gig, so hold on—we’re just learning how to do this.” Last night at Bob Mould’s Bowery Ballroom show in New York, Ryan Adams came onstage to join Mould for an encore filled with Hüsker Dü songs. According to jambands.com, the songs included “I Apologize,” “Celebrated Summer,” “Something I Learned Today,” and “New…

Ryan Adams’s new videos feature Bob Mould, dead parakeets, and zombies

In preparation for the release of his self-titled album tomorrow, Ryan Adams unleashed a promotional video in which he and Bob Mould appear in a studio trying to record music insightful enough to kill a parakeet. We are cautioned that the 14th album from the former Whiskeytown frontman is “not for the birds.” A second video,…

Friday Five: Bob Mould, Mastermind, Preston Gunderson and more new MN music videos

Happy Friday! As the work week winds down, give yourself a break from whatever it is you’re pretending to be doing right now to check out the latest videos from the Minnesota music scene. This week’s batch includes surprise cameos, a poignant new politically charged track from Mastermind, and a throwback video from a beloved…

Jon Wurster talks about drumming for Bob Mould and visiting the Minnesota State Fair

Jon Wurster is like the indie-punk version of Max Fischer’s eccentric character from the movie Rushmore. He has many bands and projects but, unlike Max, his ventures actually are good and work out well. When Bill Murray’s character asked Max Fischer what his secret was, Max replied, “The secret? I don’t know. I guess you’ve just…

Now and Zen: The greatest album of them all, Hüsker Dü’s ‘Zen Arcade,’ turns 30

This piece was originally posted at Patrick Smith’s website AskThePilot.com and is republished with permission. His new book Cockpit Confidential is available now. I REMEMBER THE DAY I bought it. Newbury Comics — the one on Newbury Street — on a midweek afternoon, sunny and hot. I was eighteen years-old. We knew there was an…

Friday Five: Allan Kingdom, Bob Mould and more new Minnesota music videos

We’ve been up to our eyeballs in new music videos this week, with both Father You See Queen and Tiny Deaths premiering new videos (coincidentally, for two different songs titled “Ocean”) and Noisey dropping a 9-minute little documentary about the Minnesota music scene. You’d think we’d be light on videos for the Friday Five this week……

The Current's Guitar Collection: Bob Mould, Fender Stratocaster

bob mould stratocaster

During the week his new album, 'Beauty & Ruin', released, Bob Mould visited The Current to do an in-studio session with Steve Seel, to visit with David Campbell on The Local Show, and to perform on 'Wits' alongside author and comedian Jen Kirkman. Despite his busy schedule, Mould took some time to tell us about his signature blue Stratocaster.