Iceland Airwaves

Stories, interviews and video from The Current's coverage of the Iceland Airwaves festival.

Asgeir performs two new songs at Iceland Airwaves

Asgeir performs at the Skuli Craft Bar in Reykjavik

At The Current's first live session from Iceland Airwaves 2018, Icelandic musician Asgeir stopped by to perform two brand-new songs from his forthcoming album, expected in early 2019.

Aurora performs at Iceland Airwaves

Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora - web crop

Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora is known for dreamy pop melodies. She recently released her second studio album, 'Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1),' on Glassnote Records. Aurora stopped at the Skuli Craft Bar in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves to play some songs and to talk to The Current's Mark Wheat.

Iceland Airwaves: Four artists to watch

Iceland Airwaves retrospective

The Iceland Airwaves music festival is happening this week, and The Current is excited to be part of it. Among the many exciting artists on the lineup this year, here are profiles of four.

Jim McGuinn sums up Team Current's Iceland Airwaves experience

Iceland Airwaves retrospective

Having spent several days exploring Iceland and its music scene during the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, The Current's Program Director Jim McGuinn sums up his time there. 'At times in Iceland, when looking at fantastic mountains, lava fields, or northern lights, it feels like you are on another planet or on the moon, isolated from the rest of the world and able to foster your own reality,' McGuinn writes. 'That reality manifests itself in the creative music and culture.' See McGuinn's summary along with many photos by Nate Ryan.

Mark Wheat shares his thoughts on Iceland Airwaves

Mark Wheat sums up Iceland Airwaves

Following several days of musical and cultural discovery at Iceland Airwaves, Mark Wheat shares his thoughts as he reflects on his experiences in Akureyri and Reykjavik. See what Mark has to say, and browse a roundup of performance videos from our live broadcasts from Iceland.