The Current's Guitar Collection: Jillian Rae, Gretsch 6118

Jillian Rae portrait at The Current

Jillian Rae tells the story of how she had been hoping to add a hollow-body Gretsch guitar to her arsenal of instruments, and how that vision came to be. 'It's kind of an amazing treat,' Rae says. 'I'm going to be playing that Gretsch live onstage now for most of the songs that I play electric guitar on.'

Listen: a candid conversation between Mary Lucia and Bob Collins

Mary Lucia and Bob Collins in The Current broadcast studio

In the run-up to Bob Collins's retirement, Collins and Mary Lucia sat down for a full conversation that reflects on their careers in radio as well as Bob Collins' plans for the future. And of course, there are great memories and lots of laughs from the past 14-plus years of Lucia and Collins' 4:20 p.m. news breaks.

Remembering Nipsey Hussle: one degree of separation

Jeffrey Bissoy interviews Nipsey Hussle at BITCON

On the day rapper, entrepreneur and activist Nipsey Hussle is memorialized in Los Angeles, MPR News' Jeffrey Bissoy shares an interview he did with Hussle at the Blacks in Technology conference on October 2018. Bissoy also reflects on Hussle's legacy in music and in the broader community.

Interview: William Bell and the passion and clarity of soul music

William Bell at the Dakota

From the early 1960s to this very day, Stax recording artist William Bell has crafted soul classics with a clarity, passion and grit that is truly unparalleled. Last week Sean McPherson sat in the backstage of the Dakota with the soul legend and discussed soul music with him.

Catching up with Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson has been turning out music for more than 40 years, and has just released a new album, 'Fool.' The Current's Jim McGuinn recently connected with Jackson to talk about his career then and now. 'The best work that I've done is always the latest,' Jackson says. 'It's always what I'm most excited about.' Check out the complete interview.

How Beirut's Zach Condon escapes to find his focus


Indie folk band Beirut are out with their latest album, 'Gallipoli.' The band's leader, Zach Condon, talks with NPR's Scott Simon about emphasizing music over lyrics and escaping to unexpected places for inspiration.