Aaron Aye is poised to make waves nationally

Aaron Aye

Although hip-hop artist Aaron Aye is barely legal to drink, he has already lived a lot of life. Originally from Minneapolis, Aye is now working in Los Angeles, where he looks poised on the brink of making a splash on a national scale. Aaron Aye spoke to The Message hosts Sean McPherson and Sanni Brown about his life and his career so far.

Why Khaliq is just a kid from the 'Sota on the come up

Why Khaliq

Jeffrey Bissoy sat down with St. Paul hip-hop artist Why Khaliq in his studio, where they discussed Why Khaliq's most recent project, 'Clearwater,' as well as his growth as an artist, about remaining humble despite growing popularity, his growing love for acting, and about fatherhood.

How the Beatles made 'The White Album'

The Beatles in London on July 28, 1968.

Producer Giles Martin shares the remarkable stories, early demos, outtakes and stunning new mixes from the just-released deluxe version of the album.

Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane from Mumford and Sons talk 'Delta'

Mumford and Sons - web crop press photo

In the run-up to the Friday, Nov. 16, release of their fourth studio album, 'Delta,' Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane talk to 'New Hot' host David Safar about the making of the new record, as well as the themes and messages behind it.

Elvis Costello says now is the right time for 'Look Now'

Elvis Costello

'I honestly considered making a record of this nature for 20 years,' Elvis Costello says of 'Look Now,' his latest full-length album. 'But the reason I haven't made it is because I've been doing other things.' In a phone interview, Costello tells Mary Lucia why now is the right time for 'Look Now.'

Har Mar Superstar describes new project, Heart Bones

Heart Bones

A new collaborative project between Har Mar Superstar and Austin, Texas, musician Sabrina Ellis, Heart Bones have already sold out a show at the Turf Club later this month. The duo are embarking on a tour to perform songs from 'Dirty Dancing' and to roll out their own original music.

Joey Dosik talks about releasing his 'Inside Voice'

Joey Dosik press photo

Los Angeles-based artist Joey Dosik, is well known for his work collaborating with other groups like Vulfpeck, but now Dosik is also becoming popular for his work as a solo artist. Both his debut full-length album, Inside Voice, and EP, Game Winner, were released earlier in the year.

Talking standup comedy with Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow has been a writer, director or producer (or all of the above) on so many iconic TV shows and films -- from 'Freaks and Geeks' to 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' to 'Bridesmaids' to 'May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers' -- but Apatow has been returning to his roots in standup comedy. Ahead of his Nov. 7 engagement at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis, Apatow spoke to Brian Oake and Jill Riley about his work.