iLLism on Black Love, Black Vulnerability and Mental Health, Black Magic and Celebrating 10 years of Marriage

As one of the rare couple duos in the Twin Cities, iLLism have been killing the local Hip-Hop scene for many years now. Their latest album, Illuminate, which debuted last spring, reflected frontman Envy's and lead vocalist Fancy's growth as both individuals and as a couple, as well as the beauty of black love. Jeffrey Bissoy interviewed Envy and Fancy about their continuing growth as a couple and as musicians.

Mary Lucia talks to Macy Gray about her new album, 'Ruby' - and more

Singer-songwriter Macy Gray is back with her 10th studio album, 'Ruby,' and a lead single featuring the guitar work of Gary Clark Jr. Mary Lucia spoke with Macy Gray about the new album, as well as about Gray's fascinating career -- and about going to elementary school with Marilyn Manson.

The Current's Guitar Collection: AJ Haynes of Seratones, Fender Jazzmaster

Following Seratones' recent studio session, frontperson AJ Haynes took some time to tell us about why she plays a Fender Jazzmaster. 'It just suits me,' she says. 'I love a good surf sound and it's got that impeccably.' Find out more about AJ Haynes and her guitar of choice.

Sean McPherson talks to Sting about 'The Last Ship'

Acclaimed musical 'The Last Ship,' starring and featuring music by Sting, will make its regional premiere at the Ordway in St. Paul in April 2020. In the run-up to those dates, The Current's Sean McPherson had a chance to speak with the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter.

Interview with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

Jeff Tweedy is a busy person: whether we're talking about his solo records, his book, the upcoming Sky Blue Sky Festival or the forthcoming Wilco album, 'Ode to Joy,' releasing Oct. 4. Jade recently had the chance to talk with Jeff Tweedy about his many creative pursuits.

Listen to Looch: The Seeds: Pushin' Too Hard

Progenitors of garage and psychedelic rock, The Seeds were hugely influential to punk and modern rock. Mary Lucia speaks with Neil Norman, the director of the documentary 'The Seeds: Pushin' Too Hard,' which is showing Wednesday, July 10 at The Trylon Cinema.

Stiff Little Fingers' founder Henry Cluney lives in Rochester, rocks everywhere else

Henry Cluney, founding member of the seminal Belfast punk-rock band Stiff Little Fingers, has lived in Rochester, Minn., since 1997, but continues to tour the world as a solo performer and as a member of his new band, XSLF. Cluney visited The Current studio to talk to Mark Wheat about his music career and about how he came to live in Rochester.