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Music News: Legendary drummer Hal Blaine dies at 90

Hal Blaine in 2015.

Hal Blaine, the drummer behind immortal singles from 'Be My Baby' to 'Strangers in the Night,' has died at age 90. Also in the news today: Britney Spears (or, at least, her songs) on Broadway; an honorary degree for Missy Elliott; Lana Del Rey, published poet; star musicians sing 'Dumbo' song; and Brittany Howard appears in a deleted 'Vice' scene.

Music News: 50 phones pickpocketed during a single show in London

A crowd at a 2017 U2 show in France.

Our lead story today is a good reminder to keep your phone in a secure spot when you're at a crowded show. Also in the news today: a 'Bohemian Rhapsody' sequel may be in the works, streaming services 'sue songwriters' to fight royalty rise, Bloodshot Records co-founder resigns, presidential hopefuls pick their signature songs, and a New York crowd can't keep from singing after seeing Robyn perform live.

Music News: Hozier talks about new album 'Wasteland, Baby!'

Hozier performs in Austin, Texas, 2018.

Singer-songwriter Hozier talks with Jay about his highly-anticipated sophomore album 'Wasteland, Baby!' Also in the news today: Dave Grohl lends a throne, radio stations pull Michael Jackson music, R. Kelly gives angry interview, 'Shallow' hits number one, and an upcoming documentary focuses on Other Music.

Music News: The music of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras band 2

Today is Mardi Gras, and we take a look at the musical tradition of Fat Tuesday. Also, a fake Rihanna album climbs the charts, Jack White rebuilds a baseball stadium, and a Beatles fan finally returns a magazine from 1968.

Music News: The Prodigy singer Keith Flint dies at 49

Keith Flint performs with the Prodigy in 2003.

Keith Flint, the unmistakable lead vocalist of the Prodigy, has died at 49. Also in the news today: Morrissey announces a Broadway residency, Pharrell founds a music festival, Solange drops a new album, and Grace Jones rocks the runway at 70. Plus, a shocking new Michael Jackson documentary has fans reeling.

Music News: How did concert tickets get so expensive?

The Who perform in Las Vegas, 2017.

U.K. music fans' jaws are dropping at the cost of tickets for the Who's upcoming tour. How did concerts get so expensive? Also in the news today: Spotify launches in India despite Warner beef, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' to be edited for Chinese release, former Cure drummer Andy Anderson dies at 68, Solange teases new music, and Morrissey collaborators face criticism.