Musicheads® Essentials is a web feature that gives the Current staff a chance to share some of our favorite albums of all time with our listeners. Join us each week as a different Current host or staff member picks an essential album from their collection and tells you why they love it.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Billie Eilish

The headline of Billie Eilish's career is her remarkably quick rise to fame, but it's the talent fueling that rise that makes her a Musicheads Essential Artist.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Jackie Shane

Jackie Shane was a versatile performer who could sing to the rafters with a ballad, fill the dance floor with a hit, or bring an audience to its knees with her messages of tolerance and self-love.

Musicheads Essential Artist: Jenny Lewis

As a songwriter, Jenny Lewis writes honest and relatable lyrics, catchy hooks, and she charms her fans with her captivating live performances. She's also a style icon in the music industry and embodies a laid-back California cool attitude.