Mac Wilson examines the major Grammy races

Grammy Award statuette

Following yesterday's Grammy nominations, The Current's Mac Wilson provides in-depth analysis and predictions in this year's major Grammy races. 'With the Grammys, what seems obvious is often obvious,' Mac writes, 'except for when they leave you reeling with a curveball.'

Scott Weiland was 'one of the most fascinating frontmen'

Scott Weiland

The Current's Program Director, Jim McGuinn, shares his thoughts about the late Stone Temple Pilots frontman, who died in Bloomington, Minn., on Dec. 3, 2015. 'STP were one of the great bands of the '90s,' McGuinn writes. 'The songs and Weiland's vocal performances totally hold up. ... Through recordings, we are always able to return to the artist at the moment of their greatness.'

'Purple Rain' -- As Retold In A Language Without A Word For Purple

Actor Mdou Moctar in Tuareg 'Purple Rain' remake

Prince's '80s-era classic has gotten a modern update -- in Niger. Directed by Christopher Kirkley, starring the nomadic Tuareg people, this 'Purple Rain' remake, which screened at the Sound Unseen Festival in the Twin Cities, drops the kissing but keeps the attitude.

The legacy of Allen Toussaint

President Obama Awards Allen Toussaint

R&B legend Allen Toussaint died Tuesday, Nov. 10, of an apparent heart attack after a concert in Madrid. He was 77 years old. The Current's program director, Jim McGuinn, shares a personal reflection on Toussaint's life and career.

Blur in America: David Safar's account of the band's L.A. show

Blur live in Los Angeles, Calif. Oct. 20, 2015

The Current's music director, David Safar, attended Blur's show in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Oct. 20. "Blur's performance at The Hollywood Bowl was true to the band's beginnings,' Safar writes. '[Frontman Damon Albarn] commanded control of the band and the audience.' Read David's full report of this monumental show.

Bill DeVille and Jim McGuinn at the Americana Music Festival

DeVille, McGuinn and Strib's Bream in Nashville

The 2015 Americana Music Festival and Conference spans Sept. 16 to 20 in Nashville. The Current's Bill DeVille and Jim McGuinn attended the conference. See what they saw with a social-media roundup from their days and nights of music meet-ups and shows.

The Swede sound of Hagstrom Guitars

Mark Ritsema with the Hagstrom Ultra Swede

The American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis is highlighting music this summer with an exhibit of guitars by legendary Swedish guitar-maker, Hagstrom, whose instruments were played by David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley and others. The ASI is also hosting a number of concerts with local musicians, including Mark Ritsema and his band, Suzie, during which Ritsema will play one of the exhibited guitars.