Policy and a Pint®

Policy and a Pint® is an event series co-sponsored by the Citizens League and 89.3 The Current that engages young people in important conversations about public policy in Minnesota and the United States.

Policy and a Pint: Generation Debt

Student loan debt in the United States exceeds one trillion dollars; that's more than the total amount of credit card debt owed by all Americans. If you're like many college grads today -- still struggling to get ahead -- you might be wondering: what exactly did all that money I borrowed really get me? Was going to college... actually worth it?

Slideshow: Policy and a Pint at the Varsity Theater - 11/14/11

When you hear the word "design," you might think of iPods or I.M. Pei: artfully-conceived objects, be it architecture, gadgets, automobiles, or clothing. In this edition of Policy and a Pint from Monday night, our panel discussed the potential human impact that design and aesthetics can make.

Policy and a Pint: I Have A Degree, Why Don't I Have A Job?

Join Steve Seel and special guests Chris Farrell, MPR personal finance and economics expert, along with Kathy Tunheim, one of Governor Dayton's job creation advisers. We'll look at the job market that new grads are entering.

Policy and a Pint: Working for the Weekend

Join host Steve Seel for our next Policy and a Pint, when we'll look at how telecommuting is turning the idea of the five-day work week at the office upside down. Our guests will discuss how this just might make us MORE productive and even happier, and how more companies are catching on.

Policy and a Pint: The Constitution

The Constitution: it's the framework for our government, and it formally established our founding laws and beliefs. But is the constitution "sacred document" or "malleable work-in-progress"? We'll dispel some of the myths, and try to turn down the rhetoric about our much misunderstood document.

Policy and a Pint: The Line Between News and Opinion

Steve Seel will talk with MPR News' Chris Worthington and Bob Collins about Juan Williams, objectivity, opinion, Keith Olbermann and how different generations get and interpret their news. If Walter Cronkite felt he could venture into commentary, why can't today's anchors and journalists?

Policy and a Pint: The Talent Gap

In a time when people are worried about where the jobs are, a new study has a surprising answer: Rochester, Minnesota. But does the city have what it takes to attract and keep those new workers? Steve Seel discussed these issues and more with demographer Tom Gillaspy at Policy and a Pint last Thursday.

Policy and a Pint: Michael J. Sandel

What are our obligations to others as people in a free society? Is it just for the government to tax the rich to help the poor? Is the free market fair? Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel discussed these questions and more at last Thursday's Policy and a Pint.

Policy and a Pint - The Elements of Education

At our recent Policy and a Pint event, we hosted a conversation on what makes a good teacher, what role parents play in the education process, and what the career path is for people considering going into teaching in these changing economic times.

Policy and a Pint with Colin Beavan

In a conversation with The Current's Steve Seel as part of The Current's Policy and a Pint, author Colin Beavan discusses his book "No Impact Man" and what permanent changes he has made, the importance of personal action and responsibility, and what the developed world must to do to ensure a healthy future for the next generations.