Celebrating the life, music and legacy of Prince. This coverage is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

“We like to put things in boxes”: Kimbra on Prince’s spirit, vocals, and constant evolution

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Kimbra gets Prince. Since buying Musicology in a New Zealand record store, she’s released three of her own shape-shifting albums, including today’s Primal Heart. But she’s never lost sight of principles she learned from Prince — especially evolution, duality, and joy. You know her from “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the song that sent her and Gotye to…

Susan Rogers on working with Prince in the studio: ‘The man I knew was so human’

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On the night that Prince and the Revolution were recording their historic August 3, 1983 concert at First Avenue — where the band would debut “Purple Rain” — the studio technician Susan Rogers was celebrating her 27th birthday and packing up her life in Los Angeles to move to Minneapolis, where she would spend the…

Your Prince soundtrack April 20-22


The Current is celebrating the life and legacy of Prince through music. As we approach two years since we lost the local legend, we will honor his musical contributions with a weekend packed with purple.

How to celebrate Prince this weekend in the Twin Cities

This weekend marks two years since we lost Prince — and Minnesota is coming together to celebrate his life and the legacy that he left behind. Here is a list of some of the Prince-related events happening this weekend. While you’re cruising around town, listen to our new stream Purple Current, which will be all-Prince…