Celebrating the life, music and legacy of Prince. This coverage is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Touré on his new podcast: 'Who Was Prince?'

Who was Prince? That question lands differently with respect to the Minnesota music genius than with most public figures, since Prince had such a complex inner life - combined with an iconic public persona. In a new podcast, host and writer Toure explores Prince's work and identity.

Today in Music History: Remembering Prince

Radiohead's guitarist played too hard; The Who opened their rock opera; Bret Michaels had a run-in with his set; we remember Prince on an important occasion; and The Sex Pistols mock the Queen, Today in Music History.

Interview: Paisley Park's Executive Director Alan Seiffert

Jill Riley connects with the Executive Director of Paisley Park, Alan Seiffert on the fifth anniversary of Prince's passing. The two discuss Paisley Park's plans for remembering Prince today, and how they'll be celebrating his legacy with fans.

Today in Music History: Remembering Prince

Elvis had another No. 1 hit; the Beatles wrapped recording on Sgt. Pepper; Sinead scored a hit on an incomparable Prince cover; Peter Buck raised hackles at high altitude; Joe Strummer did a bunk in a publicity stunt; Nina Simone died; and we lost Prince, Today in Music History.

Honoring Prince all day April 21 on The Current

Wednesday, April 21, marks the five-year anniversary of the passing of Prince. Listen to The Current all day long as we celebrate the life of Minneapolis's greatest music icon.

Five years without Prince: A timeline

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Prince’s tragic death, which still feels so fresh and painful for his millions of “fams” around the world. It’s been an eventful five years, though, with a trove of releases from the Vault, the opening of Paisley Park as a museum, countless tribute performances, and more.…