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Listen: unreleased Prince track “Father’s Song”

Purpleraindeluxe 120x120

Ahead of the Purple Rain reissue due out next week, another track from Prince’s vault has been made available for streaming. The instrumental track “Father’s Song” was originally intended to be included in the Purple Rain movie, Pitchfork reports. About 90 seconds of the song made it into the film, and other parts were re-purposed for the…

Lizzo, Poliça, Prince dance party to highlight post-renovation Minnesota State Capitol Grand Opening Celebration

Minnesota state capitol grand opening 120x120

Aside from the State Fair, the State Capitol Grand Opening Celebration this August may be the most Minnesotan celebration of the summer — featuring a Prince dance party and performances by Lizzo and Poliça. Several dozen government employees, journalists and visitors gathered Tuesday afternoon at a press conference in the Capitol’s lobby, held to announce the celebration. State officials…

Fifty-nine of Prince’s contemporaries and compatriots share how he affected their lives

June 7, 2017 marks what would have been Prince’s 59th birthday. But as a Jehovah’s Witness, Prince didn’t celebrate birthdays for the last portion of his life. So instead of focusing on his years, let’s take a look at his people: 59 friends, mentors, and collaborators who helped make him who he was. Each link leads to a feature or…

Tyka Nelson releases song, video dedicated to her brother Prince

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After teasing a “big surprise” and sharing many never-before-seen family photos on her social media accounts, Tyka Nelson is marking the 59th anniversary of the birth of her brother, Prince Rogers Nelson, today by releasing a new song and video in tribute to him. Titled “End of the Road,” the song takes the listener through…

How Prince celebrated his own birthday

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Later in life, Prince discouraged celebrations of his birthday as part of his beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness. But starting with the year Purple Rain debuted, Prince had some memorable parties to celebrate a rotation around the sun. In honor of the 59th anniversary of Prince’s birth, here’s a look back at the highlights, as…

Prince and a President: An Untold Story

Prince and Barack Obama

When Low Cut Connie's Adam Wiener visited the White House in May 2016, he saw photos of Prince on display. 'What's amazing about the story is what was in the pictures,' Wiener explains. It turns out former President Barack Obama is a big fan of Prince. Watch video of Wiener telling this little-known story.

Coffee Break: Prince's greatest guitar jams

Prince plays guitar in Pasadena

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Though in his later years he didn't celebrate holidays, it's hard not to think of Prince today. So for the 9:30 Coffee Break, what Prince songs that showcase his tastiest guitar riffs do you want to hear?