Celebrating the life, music and legacy of Prince. This coverage is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Five years after Prince’s death, Paisley Park will open atrium for remembrance

Paisley Park has announced that it will open the venue’s atrium for fans to visit, free of charge, and pay their respects to Prince on April 21 — which will mark five years since Prince’s tragic death. The atrium, a light-filled space at the heart of Paisley Park that was very special to Prince, will…

Prince's dove Divinity dies at 28

Divinity, the last surviving dove owned by Prince during his lifetime, has died at age 28. Andrea Swensson joined Jill Riley on The Current's Morning Show to discuss the life and legacy of Divinity.

Interview: The Art Of The Revolution

The Art of the Revolution is a new collaborative album that will release on Feb. 15, 2021. Ahead of this community project's release, The Local Show's Andrea Swensson speaks to some of the collaborators on the project: Taylor Seaberg, Queen Drea, Kashimana Ahua and Nathaniel Nelson.

How much is Prince’s music worth? Enough to pay a lot more estate taxes, says I.R.S.

When Bob Dylan recently sold his publishing catalog for an estimated $300+ million, or when Stevie Nicks sold hers for a reported $100 million, some fans might have thought it strange that Prince’s entire estate, including all his rights to music compositions and recordings, totaled only $82.3 million in value. So did the I.R.S. The…

Pop-ups! Paisley Park at Mall of America, ‘Mooby’s’ at the Depot

Everybody loves a good pop-up, and with the retail and restaurant industries (not to mention the music industry) profoundly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, innovation and flexibility is especially important this holiday season. Two new pop-up experiences are giving Twin Cities music and pop-culture fans a chance to get a little closer to a couple…

Minnesota State Fairgrounds GLOW with Prince tribute as part of holiday lights festival

Imagine yourself years from now, walking through a Minnesota State Fair that’s back in action and packed once more. You might be talking to your kids, or grandkids, or some other young whippersnapper who doesn’t remember Covid Time. “We drove down Wright Avenue,” you’ll say, “and all the cars stopped to watch the 4H Building,…