Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Beth Ditto, 'Fake Sugar'

Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar

Out on Virgin Records, Beth Ditto's powerful 'Fake Sugar' is the Album of the Week. 'The record not only shines on a light on her physical voice, but her lyrical voice in dealing with love, life, and where she stands as a person at this stage of creative existence,' writes Jill Riley.

Album of the Week: Benjamin Booker, 'Witness'

Benjamin Booker, 'Witness'

Benjamin Booker has a great ability to make retro appreciation sound very modern. On his second album -- filled with brightly lit, rocking blues, soul, and gospel-inspired tunes -- Booker clearly is brimming over with new ideas and thoughts about the world we occupy.

Album of the Week: Phoenix, 'Ti Amo'

Phoenix, 'Ti Amo'

Built on a theme of an imaginary, idealized Italy, Phoenix's sixth full-length, 'Ti Amo,' is an album that creates a mood. It envelops you in a state of nostalgia and longing for a better time and place, even if it only exists in your mind.

Album of the Week: Lorde, 'Melodrama'

Lorde, 'Melodrama'

Lorde's second album is a clear statement of who she wants to be, and it showcases her distinctive mezzo-soprano range and her affinity for minimal beats informed by contemporary rap music. The outcome is alternative-pop perfected.

Album of the Week: alt-J, 'Relaxer'

alt-j, 'Relaxer'

'Relaxer,' the third album from alt-J, is our Album of the Week. The new release 'proves to be a compelling record with plenty of intriguing rewards,' writes Mac Wilson.

Album of the Week: Chastity Brown, 'Silhouette of Sirens'

Chastity Brown

'To listen to Chastity Brown,' writes Andrea Swensson, 'is to lose yourself completely in the sorrow, joy, yearning and wonderment of a hopeful voice that never stops searching; a voice so enormous and evocative that it seeps down past your skin and bones and settles right down into your soul.'

Album of the Week, Harry Styles, 'Harry Styles'

Harry Styles, 'Harry Styles'

Harry Styles's authentically produced solo debut is likely to distance him from his former bandmates and could enable him to establish a credible, viable, long-term career as an artist who is both popular and critically important.

Album of the Week: Future Islands, 'The Far Field'

Future Islands, 'The Far Field'

Future Islands' lead singer Samuel T. Herring has called his band's fifth full-length release 'a driving album.' That description seems to fit in a couple of ways, with its road-inspired themes and Herring's affected singing style adding intensity and drama to the forward-pulsating beats.

Album of the Week: Gorillaz, 'Humanz'

'Humanz' art

The fifth album by Gorillaz may best be described as a mixtape, consisting as it does of 20 tracks tied together by a common theme determined by project leader Damon Albarn.