Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: JD McPherson, 'Socks'

JD McPherson, 'Socks'

You can tell JD McPherson is fan of Christmas. Socks swings like crazy! This is the album to put on when you are baking cookies in the kitchen, putting up the tree with a spiked eggnog in hand or the ultimate album to kick that Christmas party up a notch.

Album of the Week: Charles Bradley, 'Black Velvet'

Charles Bradley, 'Black Velvet'

Even though he's gone, this final album, 'Black Velvet' was released to commemorate would have been Bradley's 70th birthday. It's a collection spanning his career - new songs, rarities, and covers - and the collection is meant to celebrate the life and musical legacy of Charles Bradley.

Album of the Week: Elle King, 'Shake the Spirit'

Elle King, 'Shake the Spirit'

Elle King returns with an album bristling with self-doubt, depression, and more than a little self-medication. If the proceedings sound a little too dark and dreary, not to worry. This is after all an Elle King record, so there's also plenty of snarling loud guitar fun.

Album of the Week: Muse, 'Simulation Theory'

Muse, 'Simulation Theory'

Muse is a band of a bygone era. They go into the best studios on the planet and create highly saturated and sophisticated records using the studio itself as an instrument.

Album of the Week: Tash Sultana, 'Flow State'

Tash Sultana

From busking on the streets Melbourne to going viral with a live bedroom recording of the song "Jungle," Tash Sultana has become one of Australia's biggest breakout success stories of the past year.

Album of the Week: Cat Power - Wanderer

Cat Power Wanderer

Cat Power are back at the best possible time: during an fall full of melancholy feelings, Chan Marshall returns with her suitably melancholy new album, 'Wanderer.'