Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Beck, 'Colors'

Beck, 'Colors'

If Beck's goal was a collection of danceable, accessible pop songs, it only really takes one listen of 'Colors' to hear that he succeeded. The songs are layered, complex, but have strong hooks and a polished production.

Album of the Week: Foo Fighters, 'Concrete and Gold'

Foo Fighters, 'Concrete and Gold'

The ninth studio album from Foo Fighters, 'Concrete and Gold,' is mostly more of the kind of catchy riffage we've come to expect from the Foo Fighters for more than 20 years now. And it works.

Album of the Week: LCD Soundsystem, 'American Dream'

LCD Soundsystem, 'American Dream'

Following their 2011 disbanding and subsequent 2015 reunion, LCD Soundsystem's highly anticipated 'American Dream' is darker than their previous work, but stays true to the foundations of the band.

Album of the Week: Dan Wilson, 'Re-Covered'

Dan Wilson

For any music fan it's exciting to see how the sausage gets made, and Dan Wilson has been making some of the most powerful and successful sausage for musicians across genres for the past 15 years.