Rock and Roll Book Club

At The Current, we love music — and we love reading books about music. That’s why we created The Current’s Rock and Roll Book Club. Every week, we pick a book about music and share a review online; you can also hear Jay Gabler talk about each week's book on The Current at 8:30 a.m. every Wednesday. We’d love it if you read along with us — and let us know what you think, using the hashtag #RockandRollBookClub.

Rock and Roll Book Club: Louie Kemp's 'Dylan & Me'

Louie Kemp's book 'Dylan & Me.'

Louie Kemp and Bob Dylan met at summer camp and forged a lifelong friendship that led to a professional partnership on the legendary Rolling Thunder Revue. In 'Dylan & Me,' Kemp tells his story.

Rock and Roll Book Club: Photo books spotlight Fugazi and the D.C. scene

Two new photo books about the D.C. punk scene.

Glen E. Friedman's photos of Fugazi, captured in a new edition of his book 'Keep Your Eyes Open,' employ the same purist aesthetic the band brought to everything they did. Another new photo book, Antonia Tricarico's 'Frame of Mind,' spotlights women musicians in the D.C. scene Fugazi helped to shape.