Rock and Roll Book Club

At The Current, we love music — and we love reading books about music. That’s why we created The Current’s Rock and Roll Book Club. Every week, we pick a book about music and share a review online; you can also hear Jay Gabler talk about each week's book with Oake & Riley in the Morning on The Current at 8:30 a.m. every Wednesday. We’d love it if you read along with us — and let us know what you think, using the hashtag #RockandRollBookClub.

Rock and Roll Book Club: 'Beyoncegraphica'

The cover of 'Beyoncegraphica.'

'Beyoncegraphica' is a new 'graphic biography' of Beyonce - meaning, a book with Beyonce infographics. Author Chris Roberts also fills the book with lyric references like, 'Were the public ready for this jelly? Undoubtedly.'

Rock and Roll Book Club: 'The Man Who Carried Cash'

Julie Chadwick's 'The Man Who Carried Cash.'

If there's any job that really stretches the contractual phrase 'other duties as required,' it's the job of a rock star's manager. That much becomes very clear in 'The Man Who Carried Cash,' a new book about Johnny Cash's longtime manager Saul Holiff.