The Current Guitar Collection

The Current's Guitar Collection is a look at some of the instruments that have been played in The Current's studios. Many times, there's a good story behind a guitar, often known only to the person who plays it.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Ron Gallo, Fender Jaguar

Ron Gallo performs in The Current studio

Ron Gallo says he was looking for a Fender Jaguar for a long time, and when he finally found one, he felt right at home. ' For me, it's all about the noise that you can pull out of it,' Gallo says. Read more about Ron Gallo's Fender Jaguar.

Guitar Collection: My Bubba, 1956 Yngve Barslev Jazz Guitar

1956 Yngve Barslev Jazz Guitar

Guthbjorg Tomasdottir of the duo My Bubba recently took some time to tell us about her vintage, Danish-built guitar. 'I was bicycling in Copenhagen and I saw this guitar in the window, and it just spoke to me,' she says. It's the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection.

Guitar Collection: The Shelters' Josh Jove, Rickenbacker 360, 12-string

Josh Jove, Rickenbacker 360 12-string

When the Shelters performed their song 'Rebel Heart' in our studio, guitarist Josh Jove performed on a 12-string Rickenbacker. After the session, Jove told us about the guitar -- and that it was given to him by none other than Tom Petty, who co-produced the Shelter's self-titled debut album.