The Current Guitar Collection

The Current's Guitar Collection is a look at some of the instruments that have been played in The Current's studios. Many times, there's a good story behind a guitar, often known only to the person who plays it.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Kaleo's JJ Julius Son, 1935 National Guitar

Kaleo frontman JJ Julius Son has long been inspired by the sound of vintage blues music, so ever since the band relocated to the U.S. from its native Iceland, JJ has been on the lookout for vintage resonator guitars. When he spied a 1935 National Guitar at a vintage shop in Nashville, JJ couldn't resist. Read more about the first resonator guitar to become part of The Current's Guitar Collection.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Martin Courtney, Martin 000-28

Martin Courtney was looking to have a more acoustic-guitar-driven band on his solo effort, 'Many Moons.' Thanks to an arrangement between Real Estate's management company and Martin Guitar, Courtney was able to purchase a new acoustic guitar directly from the company. He describes it in the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Nathaniel Rateliff, 1967 Gibson B-25 12-string

Nathaniel Rateliff describes his guitar, a vintage Gibson he's only had for six weeks. 'I saw it, it was cheap, and it was close to my birthday, so I just thought I'd treat myself,' Rateliff says. 'I think it's gorgeous looking.' Check out the full interview and a selection of close-up photos by Nate Ryan.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Dan Wilson, 1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo

While visiting The Current's studio, Dan Wilson took a few minutes to talk about the guitar that has accompanied him on stages and in songwriting sessions since the turn of the century. 'The guitar is sort of a rough and ready, portable songwriting machine,' he says. Check out the full interview.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Frank Turner, Gibson J-45

Frank Turner wants guitars that have a very full sound and can stand up to the rigors of his energetic live shows. In the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection, Turner describes what he likes about and how he uses Gibson guitars, what inspires him as a guitarist, and which instrument is his 'only kind of rock 'n' roll excess extravagance [he's] ever really had.'

The Current's Guitar Collection: Low's Alan Sparhawk, Danelectro Convertible

Alan Sparhawk of Low describes his Danelectro Convertible as 'weird,' but that's what he likes about it. 'Sometimes guitars speak back to you, and they give back to you, and that's just magic,' he says. Check out what Alan has to say about the guitar he's taking on tour for 'Ones and Sixes.'

The Current's Guitar Collection: Greg Holden, 1972 Martin 00-28

After playing a captivating session in MPR's Forum, Greg Holden stopped to talk to us about the guitar he played during the performance. Holden wasn't typically a player of Martin guitars, but a chance find changed his mind. 'It sounded amazing and I was like, Ah, I guess I'm going to get one of these,' he says.