The Current Guitar Collection

The Current's Guitar Collection is a look at some of the instruments that have been played in The Current's studios. Many times, there's a good story behind a guitar, often known only to the person who plays it.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Bob Mould, Fender Stratocaster

During the week his new album, 'Beauty & Ruin', released, Bob Mould visited The Current to do an in-studio session with Steve Seel, to visit with David Campbell on The Local Show, and to perform on 'Wits' alongside author and comedian Jen Kirkman. Despite his busy schedule, Mould took some time to tell us about his signature blue Stratocaster.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, 1965 Gibson J-45

On tour with Conor Oberst as both his opening act and backing band, Dawes stopped by The Current's studio during a two-night stand at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes took some time to tell us about his trusty Gibson acoustic guitar -- and about an important life lesson he learned from a taxi trip in Chicago.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Valerie June, Martin dreadnought

Valerie June visited The Current's studio on August 10, 2013, to play a few songs and to chat with Mac Wilson. After the session, the Memphis singer-songwriter took some time to talk about her then-new acoustic guitar and the mystical connection she felt with it. Valerie June plays Rock the Garden on Sunday, June 22, 2014.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Angel Olsen, 1979 Gibson S-1

When Angel Olsen stopped in to The Current's studio to play some songs the day after her gig at The Cedar Cultural Center, she took a few minutes to tell us about her Gibson guitar and about the cool shop in Nashville, Tenn., where she bought it.

The Current's Guitar Collection: G. Love, Gibson J-45

When G. Love stopped in to The Current's studio to play some songs off his new album, 'Sugar', he had a few moments to tell us about his guitar before heading off to First Avenue. It turns out G. Love's guitar is more than an instrument; it's his autograph collection.