The Replacements

So you’re a Replacements fan visiting Minnesota: Five must-see stops

From “Skyway” to “Bastards of Young,” Replacements songs have almost as many home-state references as to Paul Westerberg’s troubled state of mind. If you’re a ‘Mats fan hanging out in the Twin Cities, there are plenty of places you can visit to channel the tumultuous spirit of our indie-rock icons. Here are the top five.…

Hüsker Dü, the Replacements warn against bootleg merchandise

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As holiday shoppers look for gifts related to their favorite bands, two Minnesota greats are cautioning against purveyors of bootleg merch. Earlier this week, Greg Norton shared a post on Facebook warning against bootleg Hüsker Dü merchandise. In his post, Norton (the band’s bassist) includes a photo advertising a t-shirt and sweatshirt with the artwork…

Chris Mars of the Replacements releases new song in memory of Philando Castile

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Chris Mars, founding drummer of the Replacements, devotes most of his time and energy these days to his second career as a painter. He released four solo albums in the ’90s, wrote a 2012 song in honor of former bandmate Slim Dunlap, and contributed a Dunlap cover to the Replacements’ 2013 EP Songs for Slim, but…

Music News: Tim Kaine could become first Replacements fan to serve as Vice President

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As the Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia, music fans are taking note of the fact that Virginia senator Tim Kaine has said his two favorite music artists are the Replacements and Bob Dylan. (Kaine was born in St. Paul, though his family moved out of Minnesota when he was very young.) Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s running mate, meaning that…

The Replacements discography: A vinyl-lover’s guide

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With the recent resurgence of the Replacements (both on stage and on the page), an entirely new generation of music fans are being introduced to the ramshackle charms of the Twin Cities’ beloved rock band. Whether you’ve been into the ‘Mats since their early club days or were blown away by their Parade Stadium show, their…

Coffee Break: All Replacements, all the time

The Replacements

Twenty-five years ago on July 4, The Replacements broke up during a concert in Chicago, Ill. We'll be playing their Top 10 songs throughout the day, but let's highlight other great Replacements hits for today's 9:30 Coffee Break.