Theft of the Dial®

Every once in a while, The Current has the opportunity to bring in someone who we admire and respect enough to hand over control of the airwaves to them. Welcome to Theft of the Dial -- where you get to hear some of your (and our) heroes take over 89.3 The Current, play some of the music they love, and talk about why they chose it.

Theft of the Dial: Michael Franti

Michael Franti was the very first artist to host a Theft Of The Dial session back in winter 2009. Last week, he was in town for a show with his band Spearhead, and he dropped by The Current to become the first artist to do a repeat Theft Of The Dial performance.

Theft of the Dial: Muse

Back in August, Dominic Howard called in to record a Theft Of The Dial session. We discussed touring, Twilight, Dr. Who and more. Then Dom chose a handful of tunes that he's pretty passionate about and went into detail why he chose them.

Theft of the Dial: Arcade Fire

Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire stopped by the Current studio for another edition of Theft of the Dial. He brought a playlist and shared his DJ skills before the recent Arcade Fire show at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. We also talked about our shared love of The Price is Right.

Theft of the Dial: Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo Green, one half of Gnarls Barkley and a former member of Goodie Mob called us up shortly after the release of his Mixtape: Stray Bullets collection a few weeks ago.

Theft of the Dial: Interpol

It was our pleasure to welcome Interpol to the Current studios to take over our airwaves for a Theft of the Dial session.

Theft of the Dial: Brother Ali

Got to sit down with a dude who I will forever be connected to. When I hosted the Fakebook series Chuck D was my very special guest, Brother Ali and Slug were my musical guests, We were all nervous and in complete awe of Chuck and here we're doing our thing in front of someone we all were so honored to meet who had been so inspiring to us all.

Theft of the Dial: Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas (of The Strokes) joined us recently for another edition of Theft of the Dial, where we invite an artist or band to come in The Current studio to play DJ. His debut solo album is called "Phrazes For the Young."

Theft of the Dial: Kevin Kling

Listen as the wonderful bard of MN, Kevin Kling, takes over our dial AND tells some great stories about The Uptown Bar, his infamous motorbike accident and a little about his new collection, "Holiday Inn."

Theft of the Dial: Moby

Moby was an amazing guest DJ. He's not only a musician, but a passionate music fan. It's my hope that he steals our radiowaves again in the near future.

Theft of the Dial: Mason Jennings

It was very special for me to get the chance to do this feature with Mason. He tells the story of how I was the first DJ that he heard play his song!