Theft of the Dial®

Every once in a while, The Current has the opportunity to bring in someone who we admire and respect enough to hand over control of the airwaves to them. Welcome to Theft of the Dial -- where you get to hear some of your (and our) heroes take over 89.3 The Current, play some of the music they love, and talk about why they chose it.

Theft of the Dial: The Dead Weather

Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence (LJ) of The Dead Weather took over the airwaves of The Current during another edition of Theft of the Dial.

Theft of the Dial: Sonic Youth

I can only say that I was "agog" as Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth sat before me in our studios playing DJ for this latest edition of "Theft of the Dial."

Theft of the Dial: Craig Finn

Craig Finn is never at a loss for words, he has a lot to say in his own music so we knew he would make a perfect Theft of The Dial guest host to talk about other people's music.

Theft of the Dial: Black Francis

Listen to the stories that Francis tells and see if you can guess as the playlist unfolds, what is the theme that links it all together?

Theft of the Dial: P.O.S.

Handing the controls over to P.O.S (Steph) was a blast. We're lucky we got P.O.S. before he takes off to tour Europe for a month, join the Warped tour, and then go out west for shows with (GASP!) The Bad Brains!

Theft of the Dial: Robyn Hitchcock

It was a thrill of a lifetime for me to welcome indie-rock statesman Robyn Hitchcock to the DJ booth for a Theft of the Dial today. He was all the things he has the reputation for being: elegant, funny, genteel, and surreal. And he was a great DJ! Listener Mike wrote in during the session and asked, "Steve - can you get him in once a week?"

Theft of the Dial: Andrew Bird

Right after performing an awesome set in our UBS Forum and being grilled by Steve Seel, Andrew very kindly let me guide him through the process of being a DJ.

Dave Wakeling takes over the airwaves in another Theft of the Dial

When I think about Dave Wakeling. I honestly get a little giddy. I mean, this guy has been a professional musician since I was in grade school! I remember hearing "Mirror In The Bathroom" years ago and loving that sound because I had honestly never heard anything like it before.

Theft of the Dial: Bob Mould

What a thrill, what a gas, what a treat it was to have Bob Mould take over the DJ chair for another edition of Theft of the Dial.