Local Music Exchange: Reina Del Cid & Gospel Machine (MN) with Living Hour & Mise en Scene (MB)

Sponsored by 89.3 The Current

Local Music Exchange 2015

7th St. Entry
701 1st Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55403


The Current wants to share great Minnesota music with the world, so we've partnered up with Manitoba Music – Winnipeg to swap two bands from each city for the ultimate Local Music Exchange. In addition to being highlighted on The Current's airwaves, the four finalists in this Local Music Exchange—two from Minnesota, two from Manitoba—will play a Nov. 7 gig in Winnipeg and a Nov. 12 gig in Minneapolis, exposing acts from each city to new and thriving music scenes.

Local Music Exchange Finalists

Reina del Cid (Minnesota) Gospel Machine (Minnesota) Living Hour (Manitoba) Mise en Scene (Manitoba)