Dance Late Night Dance Party featuring DJ Espada, Lenka Paris, DJ Jake Rudh, and DJ Smitty

Sponsored by 89.3 The Current

Full house for the dance party.

First Avenue
701 1st Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 332-1775


On sale Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 11:00 AM

$10.00, ADV
$15.00, DOS

On the year anniversary of Prince's death, First Avenue is celebrating the artist's life with an exciting late night dance party in their main room. Four DJs will provide the entertainment. DJ Espada has been a DJ in the Twin Cities for over 10 years. By 2009, he was eager to expand his influence. He teamed up with So Gold, Petey Wheatstraw, Booka B, DJ Anton and designer Adam Garcia to form Wants Vs. Needs, a collaboration of creators focused on shedding some positive light during frustrating times. DJ Jake Rudh (Transmission) has been voted "Best DJ" by City Pages for multiple years, as well as "Artist of the Year" by the Star Tribune in 2012. Presently a host at The Current, Rudh is most well known for his weekly "Transmission" dance night. Lenka Paris is originally from the Czech Republic, but now calls Minneapolis home. She travels around the midwest and back to the Czech Republic to host electro pop influenced parties. DJ Smitty is a Twin Cities based DJ who plays at First Avenue. 18+