Local Official Big Turn Music Festival Pre-Party

Sponsored by 89.3 The Current

Big Turn Music Festival Pre-Party Poster

Turf Club
1601 University Ave. W
St. Paul, MN 55104

$8.00, Advance
$10.00, At the door

21+ As collaborative songwriters, General B and the Wiz delivers high-energy music that will keep you laughing, dancing, and rocking to your heart’s content until you eventually die someday. The band released their third full-length album, Skeleton, in June of 2017, recorded with Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis, MN. // The four-piece Minneapolis-based band Tabah is often called out in the local press about its vocalist, Cecelia Erholtz. The word “Earthy” gets used a lot, and while not inaccurate, Erholtz’s “Earthy” vocals communicate something more universal than what could be attributed to any one planet. They could be “Jupitery,” or “Saturny,” and even Heavenly on Tabah’s debut album Symmetry Somewhere. Erholtz’s powerful voice – while also a major contribution on guitar – needs a powerful band to support it. Grounded, if you will. Earthy? Tribal. It comes in the form of the adept playing of her classically-trained bandmates, Jeff Ley (guitar/vocals), Charlie Bruber (bass/vocals), and Murphy Janssen (drums/percussion.) // Lydia Liza got her start in the group Bomba de Luz, composed of five young Twin Cities musicians. Your Friend, Lydia Liza is the new outfit of her own, on which she is joined by her friends. Members include Jessica Anderson of Enemy Planes on drums, Jimmy Osterholt of Savage Moods, Jillian Rae and Gospel Machine on bass, and Kelly Blau of Rachel Hanson and various jazz groups on electric guitar, and Evan Slack, who produces under the name SLACK also on electric guitar.