Indie Real Estate (Postponed)

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Real Estate band


First Avenue
701 1st Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 332-1775


Over the last decade, Real Estate have crafted warm yet meticulous, pop-minded music, specializing in soaring melodies that are sentimentally evocative and unmistakably their own. While 2017’s In Mind longed for normalcy against the backdrop of a life as strange as a touring musician’s. The Main Thing brings that longing to a universal and urgent place, acknowledging the anxieties inherent in protecting a quiet existence.

Reflecting on their collective concerns – existential, environmental, political – the group’s fifth album is the result of many deep conversations, resulting in a collectively renewed commitment to their music and a desire to push themselves harder than ever in the work that they love so much. What emerges is a superlative collection of interrogative songs as full of depth, strangeness and contradictions as they are lifting hooks.

“I’ve got this family, and I feel this responsibility to gild this crazy world,” says guitarist, singer and primary songwriter Martin Courtney. The record’s most sentimental moments, then, are crystallized home movie flashes directed at Courtney’s children. “I can’t imagine what will be / in your earliest memories,” he sings on “You.” These mentions are set against darker realities; on “A Silent World,” he pleads, “Can’t let you wander off / Out in this wicked world.” 18+