Event First Avenue's Annual Halloween Party & Costume Contest

First Avenue Halloween party and costume contest


First Avenue
701 1st Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 332-1775

$10.00, Tier 1 (sold out)
$125.00, Tier 2
$250.00, Tier 3

Nothing could be scarier than 2020, so we couldn’t let Halloween pass without marking the occasion. Our annual costume contest can’t be missed, so First Avenue has reconfigured the classic Halloween night out with seated tables, timed entry, and safe costume contest entry.

A very limited number of group and individual tickets will be sold for the event.

Tier 1: Photo Only Individual, includes:

  • 1 entry into the costume contest
  • Limited time in the venue for photo contest only
  • Does NOT include bar service
  • 4 ticket limit per customer
  • Note: Tier 1 is SOLD OUT

Tier 2: Two Ticket Reservation, includes:

  • 2 hours, 2 seats in the venue
  • 2 entries into the costume contest
  • Drink service available
  • 1 ticket limit per customer

Tier 3: Four Ticket Reservation, includes:

  • 2 hours at a 4-person table in the venue
  • 4 entries into the costume contest
  • Drink service available
  • 1 ticket limit per customer


All tickets must be purchased in advance.

Tickets will be sold individually and in groups, ranging from 2-4 seats per group. All groups will be seated at least 6 ft from one another. Sections and ticket types may vary from one event to the next.

All tickets are Print-At-Home (can be used on Mobile) only. Groups will receive one scannable barcode for the entire party and must arrive together to be seated.  


Please review and familiarize yourself with the event safety measures and venue policies ahead of your arrival.

Ticket purchasers will be emailed in the days leading into the event with detailed arrival procedures and event information. Please be sure to read this email thoroughly. If you do not receive an email, or if you have questions, please contact info@first-avenue.com.


Door and show times vary by event, and by ticket type. All events will have timed entry, so please carefully observe the time of your entrance to ensure you are able to attend. If you arrive after your scheduled entry time, it may be possible for you to still attend the event, at management’s discretion. You will not be allowed to stay late to make-up for late arrival. Please pay attention to your entry time and don’t be late.

All groups must arrive together with the original ticket purchaser and check in before being seated. Please do not check in until your entire group is on-site and ready for entry.

After a brief wellness survey has been conducted, patrons will be escorted inside the venue to their reserved table by the host.

All original venue policies will still be in effect. Please familiarize yourself with the venue policies prior to your arrival.


All beverage service will be managed by staff throughout the evening for your convenience, and to prevent mingling in common areas. No direct orders from the bar will be permitted.

Single direction pathways will be marked throughout the room. Please be mindful and follow social distancing guidelines while moving from your seat to the restroom, and while entering/exiting the venue. Masks are required at all times unless seated at your table.

Mingling in the bar and common areas will not be permitted.

Full bar service, including premium wines, liquors and beer will be available with valid photo ID.