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Join The Current's Morning Show for Trivia Week, from June 14 to 18! Sean McPherson and Jill Riley will attempt to stump special guests in a live trivia competition every morning at 8:30. We'll put musicians, music critics, news personalities, and local businesses head-to-head to test their music knowledge. Jessica Hopper v. Chris Riemenschneider. The Electric Fetus v. Mill City Sound. Jana Shortal v. Angela Davis. Bauhaus Brew Labs + Utepils Brewing. And Adam Weiner vs. Craig Finn! Follow along and hear new games every day, June 14 to 18. Plus, we've got bonus questions in a daily online quiz where you can test your knowledge!

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Day One: Musical Houses - Take the quiz

Day Two: Iconic Album Covers - Take the quiz

Day Three: Minnesota Legends - Take the quiz

Day Four: Beer and Music Mashups - Take the quiz

Day Five: Great Moments in Live Performance - Take the quiz