NUR-D and Finding Novyon

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Matt Allen, who records under the name Nur-D.

Fine Line Music Cafe
318 1st Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 338-8100


Hi, My name is Matt Allen. But I am guessing you are here because you want to know a little bit more about my Hip-Hop identity, Nur-D. I have been doing Hip Hop since Feb. 2018 and it has been a wild ride!

My first dip into this ocean of music was through an open mic competition called "Shut Up & Rap" put on by 95.3FM (Local Radio Station here in MN). Coming in, I had no idea how this Hip Hop game worked but I knew I loved performing and so that's what I did. And I ended up winning four times in a row! They eventually retired me from competition but they offered me a spot in a huge Hip Hop festival called Soundset. As soon as I hit that stage, everything took off into the stars!

I have been able to do Hip Hop all over the Mid West and the coasts as well. I have played for Paisley Park, First Avenue, and even US Bank Stadium. I have been on tour with Brother Ali and have shared a bill with the likes of Jaden Smith, Tyler the Creator, and the Wu-Tang Clan! I have been able to play so many wonderful events, meet incredible people, and put out what I think is some really fun music.

You won't find any cursing in my material (except for Damn so sorry if that's a deal-breaker for ya) but you will find honesty and hopefully a lot of fun!