Undertow Orchestra - Live in studio

Undertow Orchesta tour poster
Undertow Orchesta tour poster (MPR Photo)

Undertow Orchestra is made up of four of today's most under the radar yet prolific singer-songwriters: David Bazan of Pedro The Lion and Headphones, Vic Chestnutt, Mark Eitzel of American Music Club, and Will Johnson of Centro-matic. Johnson's Centro-matic band mate Scott Danbom joined the Orchestra on piano and violin.

They stopped by The Current for a performance and interview with Steve Seel before their Feb. 19 show at First Avenue.

Songs performed:

"Closing Down My House" featuring Will Johnson

"Bands With Managers" featuring David Bazan

"The Pool" featuring Vic Chestnut

Web only: "My Pet Rat, St. Michael" featuring Mark Eitzel

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  • Vic Chesnutt
    Vic Chesnutt is a prolific solo artist and a member of the Undertow Orchestra (Undertow Music)
  • Mark Eitzel
    Mark Eitzel is a solo artist and frontman for American Music Club, as well as and a member of the Undertow Orchestra. (Undertow Music)
  • Dave Bazan
    Dave Bazan is the frontman for Pedro The Lion, Headphones, and is a member of the Undertow Orchestra. (Undertow Music)
  • Will Johnson
    Will Johnson is the lead singer for Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel, and the Undertow Orchestra (Undertow Music)