The Vacation - in studio

The Vacation
Eric "Dutch" Suoninen (bass), Ben Tegel (vocals), and Steve Tegel (guitar) (Photo courtesy

The Vacation, a four-piece from LA, offers a new look at pure old-fashioned rock: they're gritty, noisy, catchy, and mesmerizing. The band, fronted by brothers Ben and Steve Tegel, are also articulate and enthusiastic as they talk and joke about their musical influences, their new record, and their evolution from the underground L.A. scene to a new major-label record deal. On their way to a show at the 7th St. Entry, The Vacation stopped in at the Current studios to chat with Mark Wheat.

The Vacation
The Vacation in studio with Mark Wheat. (MPR Photo/Derrick Stevens)

Songs performed: "White Noise," "Make Up Your Mind," and "Trash."

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