Husky Rescue - in studio

Husky Rescue
Husky Rescue - Back: Ville Riipa, Anssi Sopanen, Miika Colliander. Front: Marko Nyberg, Reeta-Leena Korhola (Photo courtesy Husky Rescue)

Supposedly Husky Rescue is a one-man band comprised of Marko Nyberg. But it took 20 or so musician friends to record the group's first album, "Country Falls" and Husky Rescue tours as a quintet with Reeta-Leena Korhola on vocals. Can you be a one-man band with a girl lead singer?

Definitions aside, all that matters is that the group's dreamy, smooth pop sounds great. The band played in The Current's studios and Marko and Reeta chatted a little too with Mary Lucia.

Songs performed: "City Lights," "New Light of Tomorrow," "Gasoline Girl."

Engineer: Sam Keenan

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