The [Gosh Darn] Doo Wop Band - in studio

The [Gosh Darn] Doo Wop Band
The [Gosh Darn] Doo Wop Band (MPR Photo/Stephanie Curtis)

Doo wop, the close-harmonied RnB music popularized in the 50s, has had one brief revival of popularity during the "American Graffitti"-inspired nostalgia trip of the seventies. Remember Bowser and Sha-Na-Na? Well, there's a Twin Cities group that thinks it is high time for another revival. The [Gosh Darn] Doo Wop Band features three female singers who sing about heartbroken girls and the bad boys they love.

While they normally wear vintage prom dresses, the band was in basic rock n' roll black for Mary Lucia's show at the State Fair.

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