Nous Non Plus perform live in studio

Dan Crane of Nous Non Plus
Jean Luc Retard (Dan Crane) of Nous Non Plus (MPR Photo/Jill Riley)

The band Nous Non Plus comes from New York, but you wouldn't know it once they step into their French alter-egos. Don't be too fooled though, there's one genuine Francophone in the bunch.

With names like Celine Dijon, Francois, and Cal d'Hommage, they take French pop influences and turn it into some fun and playful rock and roll.

On their first trip to the Twin Cities to play the 7th Street Entry, Nous Non Plus stopped by 89.3 The Current to talk with Brandt Williams.

On s'est bien amuse!

Songs performed: "Fille Atomique," "L'amant," and "Lawnmower Boy."

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