Dr. Dog performs in The Current studios

Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog (MPR Photo/Derrick Stevens)
Dr. Dog performs in the Current Studios
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Dr. Dog has been creating music in various incarnations in their hometown of Philadelphia for nearly six years now. From the humble beginnings of "The Psychedelic Swamp," a concept album realized in the damp ruin of a flooded basement, through the critically acclaimed Easy Beat (2005) the band has cultivated a strong national following through their energetic live shows. They spent the better part of 2006 in the studio cooking up two new releases: a six song EP called Takers and Leavers, which will be released worldwide on Sept 12, 2006, and a yet untitled long player that will see the light of day in February 2007.

The band stopped by the Current to perform and chat with Mark Wheat.

Songs performed: "The World May Never Know," "Die Die Die," and "From."

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