Brother Ali performs in the Current studio

Brother Ali
Brother Ali (Photo courtesy Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Looking at a list of some of Brother Ali's influences lets you know right off how versatile this brother can be. With artists like KRS One, Spoonie Gee, Muddy Waters, Forest Whitaker, Public Enemy, Rakim, Huey Newton, Robert DeNiro, and Slug mentioned, you can see that he gets his inspiration from more than music.

I made choices that sent me through a lot of struggle in the past few years and Ant and I have made music that really communicates the exact feeling.

Brother Ali

Brother Ali has been on the grind ever since the turn of the millennium when he submitted his self-produced cassette demo, Rites of Passage, to Rhymesayers Entertainment. Since that time, Brother Ali has released three full-length efforts, including his latest project, The Undisputed Truth.

Before heading out on an Australian tour, Brother Ali stopped by The Current for a conversation with Jill Riley and to perform a few songs from his CD, The Undisputed Truth.

Songs performed: "Take Me Home," "Walking Away," and "Pedigree."

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